Export of Food Products and Pest Control Services

Export of Food Products and Pest Control Services

Romani Disinfestazioni is a pest control company that works in Tuscany and other regions in the center/north Italy.
Our technicians are ready to give you all the assistance you need for every kind of problem related with pest in your company.
We are organised also to fill up all the documents about the pest control services,specially if you export your food product in other countries like USA and UK.

Infact we are specialised to apply monitor services for food factories and our services includes also prevention and control for different kinds of pest like,for example, rats and mice,ants,flies,mosquitos,spiders and bird control.
Please contact us calling at +39 0583 955344 or you can call the Quality Manager Norman Rosi at his mobile phone number +39 337-1238029.
Book now a free inspection.
Our headquarter is in Lucca and we move to other cities of Italy!


Romani Disinfestazioni Srl

Via dei Bichi,150/c 55100 Lucca Tuscany Italy

Tel 0039 0583 955344  Fax 0039 0583  919269

Tel Viareggio 0039 0584 47373  http://www.romanidisinfestazioni.com

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