Natural disinfestation

Eucalyptus Plant (proven effective)

The leaves of this wonderful tree of a thousand virtues has a concrete repulsive power against mosquitoes. By having space in your garden to create a barrier made up of eucalyptus trees is a good deterrent against the intrusion of mosquitoes. The same effect is obtained by other “balsamic” species such as mint, citrus, lemongrass, basil and so on.

Water Washtub (verified)

One simple but effective technique was to fill with water a washtub with a small wooden board  leaning on the edge with a bit of bait at the center; when the rodent passed the gangway fulcrum, the tablet was flipped and the rodent ended up in the water.

Snap Trap

Mousetrap: it is always relevant, it never grows old.

Naphthalene (verified proven effective)

Naphthalene against tissue moths . It has also a weak repellent effect against other species of animals, especially dogs and cats that sometimes they get used to urinate on the sidewalk.
It’s also known to have a repellent effect against reptiles.

(Editor’s note: naphthalene has undergone considerable trade restrictions at European level)

Scoop swatter

Always effective in good hands, also this tool does not show symptoms of old age.

Cow urine

The urine of the cow was used as an insecticide to exterminate nests of wasps and hornets.With the progressive abandonment of the farmlands this method has been gradually disappeared.

“Once upon a time …. the old recipes to get rid of pests”: download the publication in PDF format.



A beekeeper has told us that his grandfather used to beat on the spade to call to the hives the bees who had moved away suddenly swarming. This often happens in spring in the hives where the bees family are divided into two swarms, one of which goes looking for a new home, often ending up on the branches of trees, inside of window blinds, in attics: the beekeeper with this method could recall their bees as a “Pied Piper”.

Sea salt  against ants

The sea salt is still used today for the repellent effect against some species of insects, especially creeping insects.Can get to deflect their path and at best to drive them out completely.


Since the dawn of time the farmer tried to protect crops from the attack of the birds using these puppets specially dressed up to make them look lifelike as possible to figure a person. As today there are so many types, including mechanical that fall within the visual repellents category very used against the birds.

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